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Thursday, February 4, 2010


It just took about 5 minutes to load this first picture. I'm going to have to figure something out to make it faster because I have so many pictures I'd like to share with everyone.

This is my wonderful uniform. Not too bad eh? The black thing attached to one of my buttons it where I attach my card to open all the rooms. I love that thing! :)

The other pictures are my room with my roommate Sarah on our couch, my hallway, and our hallways kitchen. Also the guard area we have to pass through when we enter and leave the Abrams. Trust me NO ONE will ever get in to where we live who should not be there. Sometimes they hesitate to let us is. It is very strict security.

Ryan and I are heading in to town to run errands before our Employee Salute party thing at 2:30. Once a month all employees are invited, but since it our first one I think we get something free and all us newbies will be introduced. There should be light food stuffs and we both are into free food, so I guess it is worth it to go to work on our day off.


  1. You look very charming in your uniform. I hope that the free food at the Employee Salute Party was delicious. Your room also looks bigger than any dorm room I've ever stayed in.