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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Since this whole "Germany thing" has happened rather fast a lot of people have been a bit surprised to learn Ryan and I have decided to move to Germany to live and work for 13 months. It has even seemed like a world wind to the two of us, so I have decided to start this blog by answering some frequently asked questions to fill in anybody who may not know exactly what we are doing, why we are doing it, or how this whole thing came about.

Q:How did you find out about this job?
A: Craig's List, seriously. I found a post advertising "would you like to live and work in Germany?" So I checked it out and although it sounded too good to be true I decided to send in my resume and cover letter. I told Ryan about it and said he ought to give it a go too and he decided to. But at the time I don't know if either of us expected this job to become our future reality. We each scheduled interviews at a airport hotel in Portland. At my interview, the first of the day, it did come up my boyfriend was applying and at Ryan's interview, the last of the day, Neil the interviewer offered us each the job if we wanted it. I'd say we were both in shock it happened to fast.

Q:What exactly will you be doing?
A: What we've been told is that they see their need in January being in housekeeping. After the first 3 months we can apply to another department of our interest. Believe it or not I'm excited for housekeeping. It is a very integral part of a resort and if the hospitality industry is one that I end up pursuing upon coming back to the US having this experience will hopefully give me a great leg up. I really hope to experience as many areas as possible to get a great overall idea of what it takes to run a resort from as many angles as possible. Who knows maybe someday I'll be the GM someplace back home. :)

Q:How can you afford this?
A: They pay our airfare there and back at the end of our 13 month commitment. Our housing is free. We will be living in a dorm that is a converted Nazi hospital. In my interview Neil joked that they have scrapped most the blood off the walls and tucked the majority of the wires into the ceiling. :) So our only regular expenses over there will be our health insurance and food. And praises to God that I have found a very nice girl to take my room and pay the rent where I have been living, so that I may use that money to pay my school loans which have recently become due.

Q: Is there a chance you will stay longer than 13 months?
A: Nope, not at the Edelweiss. It was made clear that this position is 13 months and you are gone. No coming back, no reapplying, no staying longer. This is not a position that will move into management this is simply entry level work for 13 months and then is ends and they send us home. I think I'll be ready to come home though after being abroad for a year.

Q:How did you both get the same job?
A: We both applied. We both have hospitality experience we have both graduated college and believe it or not the fact that both of us are "clean cut" I think scored us huge points. The resort has very appearance standards that excluded crazy hair, visible tattoos, or excessive piercings. And of course being employed by the US Department of Defense having a clean record is also very important.

Q:How did you come to the decision to accept the job?
A: It was the perfect day. Ryan and I drove into Portland on Sunday after being offered the job on Thursday. We went to church with Jamie at Imago Dei, a church I have loved and felt very drawn to since my freshman year of college. After church Ryan and I went up to Mt. Tabor for a short walk in the crisply cold air and a beautiful view of the city. From the beginning of the day we were having some of the best fluid, open, and honest conversation we have ever had. And we were very prayerful all day asking God for guidance and for Him to help reveal to us where we will be able to best serve Him. After our walk we went to lunch in China town at House of Lui. Then of course we couldn't be that close to VooDoo donuts without walking over and picking up a couple as dessert. :) We then drove up to 23rd for more walking a talking. And just as a side note we were blessed with great parking all day long. I love Sunday's in Portland. :) When the clock struck "happy hour" we went to Andina's one of our favorite restaurants for delicious tapas and the best cocktails we've found. It was not until after we left the restaurant and were about to merge onto the freeway that Ryan made the call. "I think we should go," he said. And I said, "really, are you sure?" Slightly surprised, bu then again not really since I have felt God's leading that this was the right decision. And since Ryan was certain and I was certain he wanted this without my pushing in any way I knew that was it we had a plan for our life at least for the next year. So here we go... about to embark on an awesome adventure that will had a new dimension to the rest of our lives.

Q:Do you want visitors? :)
A: We would love visitors. And have already invited pretty much everyone we've talked to. :) Of course we don't know what things are like over there, so I won't guarantee anyone housing or anything like that. And we have no idea what kind of time off we get. So no promising a place to stay or how much time we could spend with you, but we would be happy to be anyone's excuse for a trip to Germany and I'm sure we'll need some friendly familiar faces while we are over there. SO come one come all! :)

If anyone has any additional questions do not hesitate to ask. And thanks for checking out my blog. I will do my best to update regularly with pictures so everyone at home can see where we are and what we are up to. And for anyone who needs to fee free to live vicariously through Ryan and I.

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  1. Hey Emily...thanks for the's good to follow what's going on. We are excited for you guys and glad you made it safely. We are hoping to be in south-east France some time this's called Annecy. I looked it up and it's about 6 hours from you guys. So the question is...will you guys have a car and any time off, or if/when we plan things out is there a place to meet up or even if we could maybe see where you guys are for the year? I know the trains are insane there so maybe that would be a good way to meet up. We'll talk more specifics, but just thought I would give you a heads up! Take lots of pictures!
    Also, what is your address over there??