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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chocolate y Churros

I'm sort of disappointed. :( And I hate to disappoint the numerous people who told Ryan and I to try this delight. But I think we have both been disappointed to find that the churros here are very different than anything we've ever had. Our guess is that the churros we are used to eating are more of a Mexican style. The ones here don't even have cinnamon and that is one of our favorite parts. The first place we tried them (of course we didn't give up after only the first place) the chocolate was a bit too thick and kind of lumpy. It is definitely not normal drinking chocolate. I would say it is like a thinned out version of homemade chocolate pudding. The second place the chocolate was better. Both those places were in Donostia. Now we are in Seville and tried a really thick short churro filled with cream and already covered in chocolate. That was pretty good although it wasn't warm and we wish it had been. Today we tried a churro that was really long and curled in a spiral- again it was not warm and we wish it had been but the chocolate was probably my favorite for dipping this last time. All together I can't really give rave reviews about these Spanish treats. In fact it sort of just makes me want to go back to costco and get one from their food stand. I never though I'd be desiring food from the food stand at Costco but that is where I find myself.

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  1. Yummm... costco churros. I haven't had one in forever, but next time I will eat one just for you.