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Friday, October 22, 2010

What a beautiful day!

God has definitely answered my prayers for good weather in San Sebastian. Although the leaves on the trees are changing color and drifting from the branches to the pavement it still feels more like summer than fall- thank goodness. Yesterday was superb and today there is supposed to be a high of around 75 degrees, however right now a cloud cover came in and is hindering the sun's ability to really heat things up.

We had another lazy morning not getting out of the hostel until about noon. Then we tried to go to a recommendation of the reception for some tempura prawn pintxos, but Pacco Bueno was closed. :( Instead we tried a couple other pintxos bars that were very busy last night, which we took as a good sign. The things we had were pretty good as everything has been in our time here.

From there we headed to the beach to soak up some rays. Oh how I wish everyone could be here to enjoy these beaches. The sand is so fine and soft and beautiful and perfect. If I felt like getting really sandy I would not even bother with a towel because I think it would feel great to just be fully emersed in this stuff. As soon as my toes bury in the sand any worry I had seems to just melt away. Ahhhh it is so nice. We lay on our towels for awhile and then read the Bible together for awhile. Eventually though the cloud cover kept growing instead of moving on, so we packed up our towels and headed back to the hostel.

We just got some good tips from reception on where to find the best churros and chocolate (as many friends have recommended we try) so that is where we are off to next.

OH and I must tell you about dinner last night. Another bar crawl as that is just what people seem to do here. We started at A Fuego Negro one of Brett's recommendations. It is very innovative. We had a cold tomato soup over bread crumbs that came in the form of a ball. I do not know what the shell was made out of but when you bit into it there was the soup made thick with the bread crumbs. It was very good. We had a mini (slider style) burger with chips. It was kobe beef which is the beef raised in Japan. It is fed beer and they massage the cows to make it supposedly the most tender meat you'll ever find. If you are wondering if I tried the meat, yes I did. The cow is massaged... being the foodie I am I had to judge if this really makes the meat that good. And my review....drum roll please.... yeah the burger was the best I have ever tasted and cooked pretty rare but perfectly done. WOW! Who would have thought I would give such a review on meat. Not that it will change my eating ways- no worries. :) We had some cod with cauliflower and curry. It was a small square of cod with grated cauliflower and dusted with curry powder, so different but oh so good. Oh and for Brett we tried Hongo. It is mushrooms with a egg on top of them. I do not know how to describe the egg. When Brett was hear and asked people around him how the cook got it to do what it did they all told him MAGICO! It was unique. Sort of poached but not slimy and the outside seemed almost broiled. Unique but not my favorite as far as flavor.

After that we were just walking along looking for another busy place to try. We ended up a a place that had a lot of mini croissants with different raw fish in them. We had one with salmon lox. If you like lox go buy some with croissants. The falky butteryness of the croissant with the full flavor of the lox is delicious. We also at olives, peppers and sardines on a toothpick. And millions of fish eggs encased in I probably don't want to know what on a toothpick topped with a square of onion and sprig of parsley. Interesting, fishy, glad I did it, probably would not do it again.

On our way back to the hostel we stopped for a crepe filled with apple compote and cinnamon. Delcious as crepes always are. :) Then we shared out bottle of sider from the grocery and hit the hay.

Ok we are all up to date. Now I have got to go find those churros and chocolate!

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  1. Ok, now I feel like I may have to put this spot on my list of travels, too.
    Thanks for sharing Emily. I am glad you are finding time for siestas and yummy food:)