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Monday, March 1, 2010

Yay I finally got some pictures to upload!

At the glass demonstration we watched on Murano

The fish market. I think that is a swordfish head. I just wanted to buy it all.

Some of the fabulous produce.

Boats parked along the grand canal

The Rialto Bridge

One of the few pictures I took when the sky turned blue. Take note of the tall leaning building in the background.

St. Mark’s Bascillica in the Piazza and across from the Bell Tower

A cute guy I saw and wanted to take a picture of

These masks are EVERYWHERE and a huge part of Carnival in Venice, which happens right before lent starts

A huge glass masterpiece in an open square on Murano

This wasn’t on Murano, it was actually off of the waterfront on San Marco, but I loved the blown glass balls on the railings

I loved that they had flower boxes planted in February perched on the windowsills along the canal

Both Ryan and I took a lot of canal shots

This is a water bus

This is a bus stop

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