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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Egypt and Jordan

Pictures from even further back.

And I am realizing that the photos don't upload in the order I select them, so just try to put my words together with the photo even though it's a little mixed up.

So first off we have Egypt. These are pictures from when we hiked all through the night to watch the sunrise on Mt. Sinai. Then there is a picture of the "burning bush" or what was supposedly the bush that burned. And then a picture of me with our guide, Musa (Moses) that led us up the mountain.

Here we are at the pyramids riding out camels. And our guide made us get off at one point and take weird pictures such as jumping off the camel. And after the pyramids and the Egyptian museum we walked along the Nile and had the privileged of watching God paint a masterpiece right before our eyes of the sun setting.

Here is the ferry terminal we spent literally all day waiting in to take the ferry across the red sea to Jordan.

But when we finally made it to Jordan we were able to see Petra. And I'm sure now that you see the photos you will understand why this is such an incredible place.

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  1. LOVE the pictures! Thank you for sharing! I love the ones with the camels.