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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fulfilling my promise

I am keeping good on my promise. These picture might be long over due, but I'm doing my best to get up a good assortment of the visual documentation of our travels. Otherwise you might start thinking I just have a great imagination and all my posts are just made up stories. :) I hope you enjoy. I'm taking advantage of the faster internet connection where we are staying here on Santorini in Greece because it seems the connection is getting worse and worse back in Germany.

Pictures of Auschwitz and Birkenau Concentration Camps in Poland

The first two pictures are the Gugenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain the city we flew into on our trip. It is just such an incredible building. The next photos are from San Sebastian. I loved the fish shop that was bustling with people and then this guy just started hacking up a HUGE fish for this woman. It was so fun to watch.

These pictures are from Seville in the south of Spain. It was so beautiful here. I loved Plaza Espana in the first two pictures. And the sunset was beautiful by the river. Oh and isn't if funny how small the beers are in Spain in the last picture. Definitely not what we are used to coming from Deutschland the land of the Mass (1L). And the picture of us is in front of the Bull Fighting Arena. And then a picture of the guys we listened to jam along the river.

Asilah, Morocco! I loved it here and would really enjoy going back sometime. It was beautiful in the old town with all white buildings that were accented by bright colored doors and windows. The beach was spectacular. And it was fun to get a feel for what life is like there outside the city walls amongst all the locals.

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