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Saturday, November 13, 2010

We made it to Greece

As you know if you have read my other post we missed our flight. When I was trying to figure things out this morning I saw there was a fight at 11am for a reasonable amount of money that we could get to Athens even a day before we had planned with our other itinerary. So I ran to get Ryan at breakfast and we through our things together and headed to the S-bahn to get to the airport. We unfortunately got there too late for the 11:00 flight, but found and internet café and booked a flight at 17:45. So we spent from about 10:30 till 17:45 in the Munich airport.
From flying in and out of there before I have found some favorite places. For many hours we sat at a little coffee shop that isn’t so much a shop as a permanent stand with nice seating in a byway. But it allowed me to work on some of my finances I keep track of as well as write a lot to post on my blog when I get Internet. And then about 15:00 we headed to our favorite place to eat in the airport a Thai restaurant. One thing I love about the Munich airport is that things don’t seem way over priced. It seems like the rest of Germany and I think it is reasonable.
And as soon as we finished eating we headed to our terminal to check in because there was NO WAY we were missing this flight.
We flew on Aegean Airlines and everything was very nice. We had very good service and the food was even really good.
Now we are safe and sound in our hostel. We have a view of the back of the Acropolis hill from the window of our room, but it isn’t photographing well on my camera. We talked about going to walk around a bit, but decided we are both tired and would rather get a really solid nights rest for all the exploring we will do tomorrow. But at least we made it. Hopefully we can do Portugal another time, but at least we are still going to have a vacation even if it does mean pinching pennies for a while when we get back with the added expense of purchasing a new flight to Athens. But we’re here. Thank goodness I didn’t ruin everything.

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  1. Hey Emily -
    I want you to know that you are such a HUGE blessing to Ryan and to our whole family! Nothing you could do can ruin everything, because YOU bring such joy and light to us all. I'm sorry Portugal didn't happen and I feel for your loss of money and time, but God is definitely at work in the mistakes we make. I love you so much and miss you both - there is a hole in my heart just Ryan&Emily sized. Hope Greece continues to be amazing and that God blesses your hearts while you are there.