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Sunday, April 18, 2010

50 Rooms

Today I got to work and they did not assign me a section like normal. Instead they gave me a blank sheet of paper and told me I would be "betthelfe" also known as bed help. I worked my behind off today if I may say so myself. Often times the chamber maids will complain that the person who is bed help does not stop to help them enough or certain chambermaids will not let the bed help leave them so they can get all their beds done, but this keeps the bed help from moving on to help other people. Today I was determined to be great bed help. I wanted to be fair and move around to everyone, but also help everyone with as many rooms as I possibly could. I was the only bed help on the second floor and we had 77 dueouts on our floor. One chambermaid had 12 dueouts and another had 10. That is enough to kill a person. At the end of the day I counted my rooms and I'd done 50. That is nearly 100 beds when you figure there was only a couple rooms I helped with only one bed. If only I was paid $1 per bed I would have made a lot more money than I actually did today. The bad thing is that making 100 beds is hard on any persons back, but especially my back. So now instead of going to the gym to workout I am laying on my bed resting my tired and aching body. I felt like I did a very good job today being fair, but offering lots of help to everybody. There were two chambermaids on my floor that refused help today because they only had 6 dueouts and were aware that others had many more. When I signed out at the end of the day I was able to see how many rooms the bed helpers on the other two floors did. On the first floor Zack helped in 31 rooms. On the third floor Danny helped in 33 rooms. Of course I do not know if they were given other little tasks throughout the day, but as far as I can tell I came out far ahead in the number of rooms I made beds in and I think that means that my day was a success!

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