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Thursday, April 1, 2010

I've got the travel bug

It is official I realized last night.... I have the travel bug. As I mentioned in my post below this one I made a list last night and there are at least 20 countries I'd really like to make it to before we leave. I made this list around 1:00 in the morning when I wasn't letting myself go to sleep, but instead researching things about possible trips. And then when I finally put my computer down I couldn't fall asleep because different places and things to do were forever running through my brain.

When I took this job, when I got on the plane, and even when I first arrived my excitement about this entire opportunity did not have all that much to do with traveling. I thought I'd travel, sure, but I was excited about the job itself and gaining valuable experience in the hospitality industry; I was excited about living abroad in Germany just to have the international experience, but still I was mostly set on just the fact I was living abroad not on the fact that where I'd be would be a perfect home base to venture out from; I was also excited about the aspect of service that I was told my job would entail by serving the Military. I like being a housekeeper and at this point I'm not sure when I might apply to another position. I think what I am doing is good experience for the hospitality industry, but because of the mentality of my coworkers as well as the management my hopes of using this year as a more or less cross training experience throughout the hotel have subsided a bit. I love living abroad and feeling like right now my home is in this little town at the base of the Alps that I have yet to get tired of looking at. I love walking around the town and knowing I am not just a tourist, but that I live here and can actually give tourists advice on Garmisch now. But I didn't realize that I'd want to leave any chance I got to go see other places. Partially I don't think I realized just how close things would be. It took me 8 hours to get to Amsterdam for crying out loud! I went to three countries in three days for goodness sake! Until you are here I think it is hard to comprehend all of this. And once I started going I was sold. Now I don't want to stop. As I'm planning one trip I already have another starting. I'm a mess. And if this travel bug does not subside when it is time to go home to the States I think I may end up broke for the rest of my life because I'm going to spend all the money I will hopefully make continue to take adventures all over the world.

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