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Thursday, April 1, 2010

We are going to be STARS!

At work in the Staff Caf where we sit before work, both our 15 min breaks and our lunch break there is a TV constantly displaying a rotation of slides informing us of things going on, pictures of employee gatherings, bad quotes, word games, and whose Birthday week it is. For the last couple weeks there has been a slide advertising for English speaking people who want to be extras in a movie being filmed in Garmisch. Ryan and I emailed the address provided. We got an quick email back asking for some more information about ourselves and then a following email saying that this woman, Lara, would be in touch. We have been patiently waiting for a phone call and yesterday we each got one. So next Thursday we'll be hitting the set all day to become big stars. :) I'm just excited to do it because even if we just stand or sit all day in one place I've always wanted to be in a movie. Ryan and the other hand seems to have convinced himself this could really be his big break as an actor or a professional snowboarder. As much as I love him I just don't think either of those is the case.

We found online that the movie premise is a Cinderella Story with a snowboarding twist. I can't remember their names, but the three cast members I saw that have other well known works are the man who played Davy Jones in "Pirates" he was also the old guy who sang and was always crazy in "Love Actually." Then there is the woman who played Meryl Streep's friend in "Mama Mia" (the tall friend). And lastly there is a main character from "Gossip Girl" a popular TV show. I've never seen it, but my friend Molly watches it all the time.

Next week we will be filming some sort of a ballroom scene. I'm wearing the same thing I was wearing in the picture I sent Lara, it is the only close to dressy outfit I have. I actually bought it for $3 at the Thrift store on base. It is a combination of a skirt that is too big for me to I hike it up to dress level ($2) and then a chunky black belt ($1) that I latch around my middle to give the skirt a dress look. I love that I'll be in a movie wearing a $3 outfit. Ryan on the other hand gets the privilege of being clothed by the costume designer on set because he does not have a tux or a suit with him. That is pretty cool!

The only draw back is we have a three day weekend next week and won't be able to use it. I made a list last night of places I'd like to go before we leave and I've got 20 countries on there. Although we are so much closer and traveling is relatively easy that still is a lot. So it is unfortunate that the movie thing has to cut into our travel time, but I'm still excited and think it will be worth it. Not to mention we get some kind of compensation.

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