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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Don't be disappointed

I just received a phone call and Ryan and I will not get to go to the Zugspitz tomorrow to film more of the movie. Due to awful weather conditions they will not be able to film. Right now it is very gray outside, but earlier while we were at work it was dumping rain. I'm assuming at the altitude of the Zugspitz it could be dumping snow with no visibility and I think visibility is probably important while shooting a movie. So not movie tomorrow, but she said she'd call when they know when they are going to shoot. So hopefully we will be able to go when the weather cooperates. I am sure everyone was was counting the hours for my next post from being on set since I think my last posts about it generated more comments than ANYTHING else I've written about. So I am sorry if you are disappointed. I'll do my best to find other interesting things to write about. :)


  1. Bummer. Hopefully you will be able to go when they start shooting. I enjoy all of your posts Emily, but I must say it is fun reading about you and Ryan meeting people I see on tv/movies

  2. Hey Em! Bummer about the movie. Hope you will get to be in more of the film. That is very exciting.

    Also.... I like the new background on your blog. Variety is the spice of life and I like the new look. Good Job!