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Saturday, January 23, 2010

4 Days in a ROW!!!!

Today at work we were able to see our schedule for next week. I have 4 days off in a row. I am so excited though that I am not able to remember whether it is Tuesday thru Friday or Wednesday thru Saturday. But it doesn't matter because this is great. Although being so new I am a bit unsure of where to go, but I will be going somewhere for sure. Chances are I will not have 4 days off in a row for a long time, so I need to enjoy this. Oh and it gets better.... Ryan has the same 4 days off. So does anyone have any ideas of where we should go? I don't even know where to begin to look. Since being here we have heard people talk about going EVERYWHERE. Someone just got back from China, someone else is planning a trip to Egypt, Lebanon, and Israel, others have been to Hungary, Slovenia. Of course you hear of the "typical" trips to London a fair amount. Italy is only about a two hour drive to the northern border, so most people have been there. Ahhhh I feel very overwhelmed by the possibilities. So please anyone who has is a great planner or has been somewhere they think we must visit please please let us know.

Michelle, I'd love to go to Gimmewald, but I'm thinking it would be better to do that when the weather is better. You have the most experience over here though and did such a great job planning your trip that if you want to plan this (for as cheap as possible) be my guest. :)

I am sorry I forgot, AGAIN, to get a picture of me in my uniform today. So instead I started taking a bunch of pictures of where I live. Nothing fanciful, but hopefully interesting for those of you who have no idea of what my living conditions are.

I do not know why but when I am trying to add pictures the blog is not allowing it, so I apologize but I will have to do this later.

Today at work we had our own rooms. We also got a card key that opens all the doors of the hotel including all employee only doors. Well after our first break I realized my card had fallen off my stretch thing it is attached to on my belt loop. (I am very excited about this stretchy thing, I'll have to take a picture of it.) So I had to retrace all my steps, still couldn't find it, and had to go to security to get a new one. Well the security guy was not so happy with me and had to explain how bad this was because if a guest found the card they could get into our back hallways not to mention any other guests room. Well no duh, I understood, I messed up, it was an accident, I'll try not to do it again. But if I do happen to lose it again then this guy will tell his supervisor and then I might be in a bit of trouble.

Overall work was good. I had four rooms all of which were occupied at first. I had one due out room and three stay overs, but one of my stay overs was a loft sweet that need all the sheets changed. So I had to completely remake three beds one of which was a king bed. That room took awhile. But one of my rooms ended up being a NS (no service room) so all we had to do was give them some new towels and they didn't want anything else. That was nice. On one hand, the more I work the more I get paid. On the other hand, cleaning rooms is very tiring and it is nice to not have to do all that you are assigned.

I am a bit afraid because I think I am a pretty good "chamber maid." My leader, Lisa, who has been training me always tells me I am doing perfect and that I am the best out of the three of us she is training. She said to Laura, "this is good, yesterday I would not have thought you could do this, but you have made this room very clean." She said to Zach, "You, you are just scared of me and angry." I don't think she has much hope for Zach. Then I heard from some of the other trainees that their leader, Roswita, made a comment about Allison that she is not meant for housekeeping and that she is so slow. I always strive to be good at what I do. I am glad to have the opportunity to work in housekeeping and gather some experience in it. But after 3 months I would like to change. I feel like those who are the weakest will be more likely to be released by our supervisor that I will be. Ugh! Also, Renee figured out that right when our 3 months is up ski season will be ending, which means all the instructors and boot monkeys, etc will be applying for jobs within the resort. This is another negative for us getting out of housekeeping. I need to start praying something falls into my lap. From what I hear it isn't so much of what you know as just being in the right place at the right time. With my luck, I'm a bit nervous for that being the case.

But for now I think the days will go pretty fast in housekeeping. We get so many breaks. At 10:30 we take a 14 minute break (yes 14 not 15, I do not know why). At 12:30 we have our 30 minute lunch break. And at 2:30 we get another 14 minute break. So far we have only stayed until about 3.

Tonight Ryan and I are going out to dinner to a Bavarian restaurant with I think the majority of people who live in Abrams (that is at least 250 I think). I'll be interested to see how many end up going. Word has just been spreading about this and I think it is because it is someone's birthday, but I do not know who. Both us and Renee, our new friend who showed up at the same time as us, feel it is time we start meeting people and this seems like the thing to do. So far every night I have just passed out from being so jet lagged and then woken up only to get ready for bed and then go to sleep. So tonight I hope my spirits will be high and I can have a good time and be somewhat outgoing. Being outgoing takes a lot of effort sometimes.

Other exciting news, for me anyway. Renee was talking with Ben who is essentially the RA of the dorm and found out that on Sundays a group of people walk to post together (post is where the PX, Commissary, post office, etc is for military and civilians such as ourselves) to go to the chapel for the protestant service, which is at 11. Tomorrow we are all working, but hopefully sometime we will not be and get to go. I also hope this could be a great way to get to know people I might find more similar to myself. So far I swear the majority of people I hear talking just love to go out and get drunk ALL THE TIME. I just don't get it. Why come all the way to Germany to do that? Why do that at all? A girl who arrived with us went out the first night as was found outside with ONLY a bra and blanket on by security bleeding from her head which she hit on some tool shed. I just don't get it...

Well as Ryan points out to me I write a lot, but I figure if you don't want to read it that is your choice. And if you do then here it is. I really am sorry about not being able to get pictures up, since I know that is the best part of blogs. Soon, soon, soon.


  1. Hi Emily! Great job keeping up with your blog! thanks!

  2. Hey it is awesome that you have so much time so soon! This is my advice - go do something you know you want to, that's a little farther from Germany, but won't take a ton of time and could be done in bad weather i.e., if I were you I would go visit some place in Italy you really want to see. I don't know what train prices are when not bought on a pass, or maybe you could buy some sort of pass that would allow you to travel....I can do some hostel looking for you if you tell me where you want to go. :)

  3. Hi Emily. Go to Prague, Czech Rep. or for a close trip go to Kempton which is where Ryan's great grandmother was born. I'll have to look at a map to see what's close and within a short travel time. There are so many places I went to when I lived in Germany. This may also be the year that Oberammergau puts on a special play every 10 year. The passion maybe? Let me know what you're interested in seeing and I'll give you some ideas. Anyway I'm excited for you and Ryan!!