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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A couple pictures

This is a church right by our dorm, which is called the Abrams. We tried to go in but the door was locked. So we'll have to go back.

This is St. Marten's. They were in the middle of mass, so we could not go in. I'd love to go to mass here sometime. It is in town.
The sky was beautiful tonight also. The clouds were puffy and lightly pink. Boy oh boy it was freezing cold though.

Ryan and I went to dinner at Da Enzo and italian restaurant. The menu was completely in German, but we figured out enough to know what we were order, food wise anyway. We ordered wine and I thought about asking for an explanation of what they were like, but then decided it would be more exciting just to pick one and try it. Ryan did the same. As it turned out he ordered champagne and I ordered a red semi sparkling that could have almost passed as fizzy fruit juice. They were good, just not what we were expecting.

We are about to start a movie with my roommate Sarah, who I am so blessed is NORMAL :) and her friend. One more day of orientation before work. Hopefully I'll feel adjusted to the time by then because it has been taking everything I have to not take a nap today.

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