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Thursday, January 21, 2010

First day of work

We had to be at work this morning at 9:00, so Zach (Ryan's roommate), Ryan and I headed the Edelweiss a little before 8 and arrive in roughly 30 minutes. We are pleased it took less time than expected to walk and actually was not too bad. It was snowing lightly and although it was cold it felt nice to be in the crisp morning air.

Once at work we changed into our uniforms and waited for instruction. We were read a lot of information and then split into groups to train with a "leader." My leader was a middle age German woman named Lisa. She was very nice. With her direction and assistance Zach, Laura, and I cleaned five rooms. Four of the rooms were "due outs" and one was a "stay over." Familiarize yourself with those terms if you plan to follow my blog because I have a feeling some days I'll be so thankful for having mostly "stay overs" and other days completely exhausted from a large number of "due outs." If you haven't figured it out a "stay over" is a room that is still occupied and we do not clean nearly as thoroughly. A "due out" means a complete top to bottom cleaning. Mom I would like to thank you for teaching me to make my bed with "hospitality corners," as Lisa called them. Although you always call them "hospital corners." Anyway I am pretty good at making beds if I may say so myself and was a quick learner.

I meant to take a picture of myself in my uniform today and forgot. I'll have to do that soon, so you can all see how shnazzy I look.

After work Ryan, Zach, Laura, and I stopped at a Bakerei (Bakery) called Stefan Nus across from the resort complex. I'm not sure what we ate, but it was pretty good. They were sweets, but not nearly as sweet as what you would find in the States. Interesting isn't it. Ryan took a picture of me eating our treat, but it is on his camera. Maybe he'll put it on his blog. Oh and for an "Emily rant" I will share something that just disgusts me. My roommate has a list of local restaurants on our fridge and they are in categories by country. There is Chinese, Indian, Italian, Thai, of course a long list of Bavarian, but what is under the list for American? Well there are two McDonald's listed and Pizza Hut. I am embarrassed that these are the restaurants and the food that represents my country. Yuck!

After the Bakerei we walked a short distance to get on post where the PX and Commissary are. I bought a cell phone at the PX. I haven't figured out what my phone number is though. Anyone should be able to call me on it and I won't get charged, but I'd be careful of what your costs would be. It costs me 5 euro cents a minute for local calls, so I don't think I'll use it much either. I just figured it was a good thing to have and might be needed at some point.

My feet hurt and my hips feel tight. I was going to do my adapt workout, but now I'm feeling tired and just want to lounge. I'll need to start that soon though. I can tell my body will need it to survive this job.

Of course it was only day one, but I think housekeeping will be fine. I'll have good days and less good days. But I am feeling like I'd really like to experience some other things after I give my first 3 months in this position. I'm thankful to have the opportunity to serve in this way, but I really want to interact with people. Call me crazy but I actually like interacting with the customers.

Hopefully day two will be a good one. And hopefully I'll have a very good nights sleep to rejuvenate me.

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  1. Sounds like a pretty normal beginning to your adventure but still fun, and do-able, and will provide lots of chances for adventure... and it looks beautiful... unless you only posted the two pretty views of the place! haha.
    love you, steph