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Monday, January 25, 2010

Contact Info

One last thing before I leave. This might make the worriers feel at least a little better. I finally figured out what my cell phone number is, so if for some reason you feel the need to spend lots of your money and call me it is 015223348729. There are several ironic things about this number. First of all my favorite two numbers are 1522, second the last three numbers are the same as my home phone in B'ham 729, and third it has all the numbers of my birthday 32787. Obvoiusly this is the perfect phone for me and it is why I memorized the number in an instant. Cool eh?

Just thought I'd throw down my APO as well. FYI it is not allowed for alcohol to be shipped in or out of an APO along with drugs, guns, weapons of mass destruction etc.

Emily Hodgin
Edelweiss Lodge and Resort
CMR 409 Box 57
APO AE 09053-0057

If there is ever a reason to ship something here, but it can't come to an APO such as if you are not in the states my address is:

Emily Hodgin
Edelweiss Lodge and Resot, CMR 409 Box 57
Aussere Maximillian Str. 251
82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Love you all and write when I get back!!!!!

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