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Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Trails to Us

Tomorrow morning Ryan and I are hitting the road along with Renee, Zach, and Laura. We are heading to Munich. I just got home from Monday night 1/2 off pizza at a place in town called "Peaches," I worked today, and I am getting up early to catch a train. For these reasons I am not going to recap everything as of late, but I did want everyone to know what we will be up to the next few days. We are hoping to catch a train out of Munich somewhere else exciting and may not be back till late Friday to be back to work Saturday. Don't worry if I don't write, but I am not taking my computer along. I am hoping to find my ancestor Cardinal Von Bettinger in Munich, so hopefully I'll have a fun story when I return. Things have been getting better and better here. We had a wonderful time at our Bavarian dinner Saturday night and pizza was great tonight, they even had a "Vegetariana" for me! Well it is half past eleven and for most (as I can tell from the noise in the hallway) is not late, but for myself I need my rest. Good night!

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